a step-by-step guide to relocating to fresno

A Step-by-Step Guide to Relocating to Fresno

Moving to a city you know nothing about is extremely difficult. Ideally, you would travel to the city a few times to check it out, but that’s not always an option. So you do what you can over the internet. But where do you start? Since we’re local Fresnans, we made this step-by-step guide to relocating to Fresno.

Step 1 – Research Fresno Neighborhoods

Choosing the right neighborhood is necessary when moving to any new city. Do you want a quiet neighborhood? Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of downtown? Are schools important to you? What about crime rates? These are all factors that you may want to consider when finding a neighborhood. If you want to actually see the city, use Google Maps street view. Go through the streets of downtown and other neighborhoods to see what they look like. We’ve also done some research on neighborhoods. Check out these posts on some of the neighborhoods in Fresno.


Step 2 – Find Your Realtor

A knowledgeable realtor is key to finding the right place to move to in a new city. Once you find that realtor, all you have to do is tell what you want and they’ll have a neighborhood in mind. We’ve got a few great realtors that you can get in touch with and start your home searching process.

Step 3 – Contact a Mortgage Broker

If you’re planning on taking out a loan for your home purchase, you’ll need a mortgage broker in the area. Getting all the paperwork together takes time, so plan ahead so you can be ready by the time you get there.

Step 4 – Schedule a Trip to Fresno

We don’t recommend buying a house unseen. So you’ll have to come out to Fresno as some point to see what houses you’re really interested in. Driving through the neighborhoods will also help narrow down your search.

Step 5 – Find Your House

Once you’ve found your house, you can make the move to Fresno. If you have any questions, email us or give us a call. We’d love to help!
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