Fresno Home Selling Tips for Spring

Fresno Home Selling Tips for Spring

Spring is when more houses start coming on the market so it’s important to make your house look the best possible. So here are some home selling tips for Spring.

Clean Up the Yard

Your yard is the first thing potential buyers see when they come to your house. Get all dead leaves and debris out of your yard. The rain can make this difficult and dirty, so make sure it’s clean. You should also trim trees and bushes so they aren’t in the way of the walkway. Get some fresh flowers for the flower pots to brighten up your entryway.

Pay Attention to the Entry Area

There are lots of things that can be done to spruce up the entry area. First, power wash the walkway. This will get rid of all the winter dirt and more, making it look nearly brand new. You can rent a power washer from Home Depot. Then, clean the doorway frame. If you really want to make your house stand out, repaint the door. If you have room, add a chair or bench to show that there are multiple uses for your porch.

Clean the Clutter

If your house doesn’t have a lot of storage space, don’t flaunt it. Clean out the closets so they are only 70% full. This will make it look like you have plenty of storage space.

Deep Clean

People don’t want to buy a dirty house. So deep clean it. Wipe down the blinds, dust every surface, sweep, mop, and here’s a big one, clean the windows. Over time dirt and grime build up on the windows, making it darker in your home. Cleaning them can let in more light and brighten up your home naturally.

Bring in Fresh Flowers

You can cut fresh flowers from your yard, or buy some from the store. Either way, it brightens up the home and gives a natural fragrance.

Let in the Fresh Air

The weather is usually pretty nice in the spring, so open up your windows. If you have bugs, make sure the screens are on so there aren’t bugs throughout the house. With the windows open, potential buyers can experience the fresh air.

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