Clovis Housing Market Home on the market wooded areaThe Business Journal keeps a close eye on the Fresno Housing Market. Plus, the surrounding area. And so do we at Foxen Realty.

Did you know that not only Fresno but also the surrounding areas are among the nation’s top housing markets to watch?

According to the Business Journal, “for years, politicians, business people, and real estate brokers have touted the Valley as a hot, growing market for homes, as housing prices in other parts of the state have soared.”

Cash In On the Fresno Housing Market’s Uptrend

Need to buy or sell a Fresno Income Property? At Foxen Realty, our 10 years of experience in the local market means that we can easily guide you through the buying and selling process. As the best Fresno Real Estate Agents with experience, we have the tools available to help you determine your home’s value. As well as calculate your profit, when selling your home.

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Fresno Housing Market Experts

Chris Foxen is a Fresno born-and-raised Real Estate Agent, and has received degrees in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics from Fresno State University. This Fresno Real Estate Agent knows Fresno and its housing market inside and out, and can utilize their experience to get you the best value for your home. Plus, he can utilize his experience to get you the best value for your income-producing property. He has a strong investment background, making Chris a great partner to have when looking into buying or selling in the Fresno housing market.

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