If you’re wondering how to decorate simply for the holiday season, then Real Simple has a treat for you!

How to Decorate Simply for the Holiday Season

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They’ve identified 15 easy and elegant decorating Ideas.

Plus, they recently unveiled 18 creative ways to decorate your Christmas Tree. We think these ideas are really simple as well.

And we’re breaking a few of our favorites. So you can simply implement fun and festive decor in your Fresno area home.

String Greeting Cards Along Your Staircase

Attach strands of lights and/or garland to your staircase.How to Decorate Simply for the Holiday Season

Then, use either ribbons, clips or clothespins to attach all of the cards you’ve received this year.

You and your guests can enjoy the heartfelt sentiments of all your loved ones, all season long.

And you might even consider taking a family photo in front of or on the staircase to use on your card next year.

That’s a win-win! Decorating that’s fun and functional, this year and next!

Trim the Table with Simple Good Tidings

One of the best-kept secrets for how to decorate simply for the holiday season is to start and end at the holiday table.

Nothing screams holiday stress like the pressure of a fancy table scape along with a fancy holiday meal. And all of this after you’ve spent a month or more fighting holiday traffic to find the perfect gifts to go under the perfect tree.

Your meal, or at least your table, doesn’t have to add to the stress. Leave the fancy china and silver in the cabinet. Lay a simple, yet elegant, table runner down the middle. Let the food be your centerpieces. And everyone will have plenty of room for what really matters. Friends and family. And of course, great food!

Simple Statement Pieces for Your Mantle… or      anywheWhite candles, warm glow wrapped with simple read stripped ribbon, on a mantlere else!

Your mantle decor doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate.

Simply use scraps of ribbon to secure around inexpensive pillar candles.

Then group odd numbers of them in varying heights, bringing some forward and sending others backward on the mantle.

You can remove the ribbon after the holidays and use the candles year round!