Living in Northeast Fresno

Living in Northeast Fresno

Northeast Fresno neighborhood mainly consists of the Woodward Park and Copper River neighborhoods. These neighborhoods surround a number of Clovis Unified schools as well as Woodward Park. Here are a few reasons why living in Northeast Fresno is for you.

  1. Safety
  2. Safety is one of the biggest reason to move to Northeast Fresno. Total crimes are 31 percent lower than Fresno overall, making it the safest place to live in Fresno. One of the reasons for this is because of neighborhoods such as Copper River, Woodward Lake, and Dominion all have private security that patrol the streets.

  3. Education
  4. Clovis Unified School District is one of the best school systems in California. The high school graduation rate for schools in Northeast Fresno are 28 percent higher than the Fresno average. Northeast Fresno is a great place to raise your family because of the education system.

  5. Great Investment
  6. While the cost of living in Northeast Fresno is 16 percent higher than the Fresno average, it actually pays off through home value. The median home value in Northeast Fresno is 48 percent higher than Fresno overall. Since Northeast Fresno is such a great place to live with low crime rates and great education, when you buy a house in the area, you’ll most likely get that money back when you sell.

  7. Amenities
  8. There are endless things to do around Northeast Fresno. With trails leading to Old Town Clovis and all the way up to Millerton Lake, it’s a great neighborhood to get outside and stay active through walking, running, or biking. Woodward Park has many amenities including a fenced in dog park, a lake, open space to play sports, and picnic tables to have family outings. Since Clovis Unified High Schools are open high schools, there are tennis courts that the public are welcome to play on. There are also a number of parks that have basketball courts to enjoy. A great place to take your kids to is Todd Beamer Park, a playground, splash and skate park. This a great place for kids to play around in the water on a hot day, plus it’s free.

Even though Northeast Fresno is a little bit more expensive that the rest of Fresno, its schools and amenities make it worth it. There are also a number of homes that are affordable for first-time home buyers.

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