Nextdoor The Neighborhood App

Nextdoor – The Neighborhood App

Nextdoor has become a popular phone app in Fresno. When you sign up, you’ll put in your address and receive notifications when something happens in your neighborhood, whether it be a robbery or a lost dog. If you’re new the app, you may have a few questions.

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a way for communities to communicate privately with each other. It’s purpose is to build stronger neighborhoods through communication. By using this app, people are able to help their neighborhood become safer.

How is Nextdoor Useful?

There are a number of useful things to do with Nextdoor. Neighbors can create their own private website to communicate with each other. Here a few of the common things members are talking about:

  • Local recommendations such as plumbers, mechanics, and baby sitters
  • Selling or giving away household items
  • Announcing local events
  • Inform others about crime and safety issues

Members can choose to view updates through their email or directly through the app.

Does Nextdoor Cost Money?

Nextdoor is completely free for members and neighborhoods to join!

Why Wouldn’t I Just Use a Neighborhood Mailing List?

Nextdoor offers features that a neighborhood mailing list can’t such as:

  • A directory of your neighbors with real profile pages. This allows you to get to know your neighbors better.
  • A neighborhood map.
  • Communicate with people not directly in your neighborhood with the Nearby Neighborhoods feature.
  • Control what messages you receive through your email and how often you receive them.
  • Urgent Alerts feature allows you and your neighbors to send out emergency information through email and text message.
  • RVSP to events.
  • Classifies and free items category to help you find just what you want.
  • A dedicated Crime and Safety section.

Can I Use Nextdoor on my Phone?

The Nextdoor app is available to download as an app on iPhones and Androids. You can also access your account on a computer or tablet.

If you have any more questions about Nextdoor, visit their website to learn how to get started!

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