Prepare Your Home for Sale in Fresno

So you’re ready to sell your home? There are many things you can do to get your home market ready that cost little to nothing.

Step 1: A Clean House is a House That Sells

A clean, immaculate home tells buyers that the house has been well maintained and cared for. This assures potential buyers that the home is move-in ready, and not a project home that will need fixing up here and there. A good cleaning also helps to eliminate any smells, which are a huge turn-off to buyers.

Here’s a list of cleaning tasks that are often forgotten:

  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Clean out cobwebs
  • Clean out the refrigerator and organize cabinets- viewers WILL peek!
  • Empty All trash cans
  • Vacuum daily
  • Wax hardwood floors
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades, blinds, and light fixtures
  • Remove smoke stains from fireplaces
  • Replace any worn rugs
  • Polish metal faucets and all mirrors
  • If needed, re-caulk tubs, showers, and sinks
  • Bleach or treat dirty and stained grout
  • Hang up fresh, fluffy towels in the bathroom
  • Clean and air out any musty smelling areas

Step 2: Clear Out Clutter

Go through every nook and cranny of your home and get rid of everything you don’t need or use. Since you’re moving, you’ll need to do this anyway. Once all of your unneeded items are sold, donated, or thrown away, take it a step further: Store everything you won’t need until after you move into your new place.

If your next home isn’t ready for move-in yet, renting a storage locker is a great way to get these extra items out of the house. Remember, most home buyers like to (and will) look inside closets, cabinets, and drawers. The less items you have out the more spacious and clean the home will feel.

Step 3: Make Minor Repairs

Home buyers will notice even the smallest of flaws, and will give them the impression that the home is run down. Here are some common repairs to consider:

  • Replace cracked floor or counter tiles.
  • Patch holes in walls.
  • Fix any leaky faucets.
  • Fix doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that jam.
  • Refinish cabinetry or wood trim that is worn, old, or tarnished.
  • Replace burned-out or old, outdated light bulbs.
  • If you’ve considered replacing a worn bedspread, now is the best time!

Step 4: Paint

Consider painting your walls neutral colors, especially if you have grown accustomed to boldly painted walls. Buyers want to look at your home as their own canvas to personalize, and sometimes they have a difficult time seeing past your taste.

By completing this list, you will find that putting in a few minor investments can pay off big time when it comes to price!

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