pros & cons of selling your home during the holidays - mansion and pool at dusk with palm trees, serene

Did you know that there are both pros & cons of selling your home during the holidays? It’s true.

Investopedia let us in on the pros & cons of selling your home during the holidays.

Pros: The Holidays are a Good Time to Sell

It’s common knowledge that spring is prime time to sell your home.

And, people typically aren’t thinking about selling a home during the holidays. After all, parties, family and friends are top of mind.

But “putting your house up for sale around the holidays has its benefits,” boasts Investopedia. You’ll need to position your home well, as you’ll be dealing with serious buyers who are ready to sign.


End of year tax breaks are a great incentive!

Curb appeal is naturally enhanced due to neighborhood holiday decor.

People get notified of job transfers at the end of the year. So, more people are looking for a new home than you might think.

There’s less to choose from, since most people don’t think of selling their homes during the holiday season. Typically, homes listed during the holidays bring in more money. Plus, they sell more quickly than spring listings. Call it both supply and demand, but it’s definitely a pro.

Staging your home is a cinch. Since you likely have decorated for the holidays, creating a warm and cozy environment. And you can multi-task. Conquer your holiday baking while making the whole house smell like cookies!

Cons: Selling During the Holidays

It’s never a good idea to become emotionally involved when selling your home. Because the nostalgia of the holidays heightens emotions, selling can be a con.

Lenders and lawyers (among others) take time off during the holidays. So you may get more out of office responses than help.

You’ll need to scale back on some of your holiday decor. Because the same rules apply. Less is more. And the less personal the better.