Home Staging Secrets

One of the sure-fire ways to sell your home and increase your asking price is to stage it before putting it up on the market. There are, of course, the well known rules: Declutter, depersonalize, and make any necessary fixes & repairs, but there are some other key points that can help make your home staging a success:

Don’t Leave The Walls Bare

While depersonalizing and packing everything away, it can be tempting to take down anything and everything from the walls. However, don’t take everything down- completely bare walls can give off an un-lived in and even unwelcoming, artificial feel. Maintain a homey feeling by selecting a few wall hangings that match other colors present in the room and leave them up until the home is sold.

Add Extra Lighting

Lighting can make an incredible impact during a home showing. One of the worst mistakes a seller can make is to not provide enough lighting, both in listing photographs and during showings. You want to make sure that buyers can actually see all the areas of your home. Proper lighting also ensures that the home looks inviting and lived-in- you may need to purchase extra lamps to brighten up darker corners, and double-check all lightbulbs and replace any that are dim or have burnt out. During daytime showings, pull back all curtains to let in as much natural lighting as possible, and make sure that the home is bright and well lit during evening showings.

Give Every Space Purpose

Many homes will have a room or space that may just serve as storage, or that serves multiple purposes. While it’s use may suit your needs perfectly, it may come off as confusing to buyers. Make sure that each space has a clearly defined purpose- if you have a spare room currently being used for storage or other miscellaneous uses, set it up as either a home office or a spare bedroom so that buyers can identify the room’s purpose at a glance- and make up their own mind whether they want to use it for something else.

Assume Every Space Will Be Seen

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that buyers will only look at the main rooms of the home during a showing. Anticipate that every area will be looked at. Buyers are very likely to look inside of cupboards, closets, and other storage areas to get a feel for how much storage space they will have if they were to buy the home. Make sure that these areas are clean and organized.

Use Decorative Storage for Personal Items

Most likely, you are still going to be living in your home while it is being sold, so it’s unfeasible to simply pack everything away. However, you can still combine functionality with appearance- decorative storage boxes are ideal for tucking away personal items while your home is up for sale, while still allowing them to be easily accessible. Large lidded baskets or chests are excellent for putting away children’s toys that may be strewn about, and smaller lidded boxes are perfect for mail or toiletries.

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