Living in Hammond

Living in Hammond

Hammond is located next to the Fresno Tower District northern part of Downtown Fresno. If you’re wondering whether or not you should move there, here are some of the highlights of living in Hammond.

Urban Vibe

Hammond is a popular place to live for people who want to experience the Fresno culture. A lot of events take place there including theatre, holiday festivals, and all kinds of restaurants and bars to try.

Young Crowd

The median age for both males and females in Hammond is thirty-five years old. It is a popular place for college students and people in their twenties and thirties to live because of the night-life.

Up-and-Coming Area

If you are thinking about living in Hammond, now is the time to do it. In the next few years, the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan will be implemented. This will make the demand for living in Hammond go up dramatically, causing home and apartment prices to rise. The plan is to build a community of homes and businesses all together to create a more vibrant, walkable, mixed-use metropolitan center.


The Hammond neighborhood has a high walkable score of 64 and an even higher biking score of 74. When living in Hammond you can walk to restaurants, bars, local businesses, and sometimes even work. This will only increase as the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan comes together.

Real Estate

The median real estate price in Hammond neighborhood is $127,080 which is less expensive than 98% of California neighborhoods. The average rental price is $1,070. The real estate is primarily made up of small to medium single-family homes and small apartments.

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