What are the benefits of an HOA?

If you wonder What are the benefits of an HOA?, then check out our list of pros.

Since Homeowners Associations (HOA) are popping up in neighborhoods all over the Fresno and Clovis areas, it’s important to know how they benefit both you and your family.

HOAs Increase Your Home’s Value

Both rules and regulations set forth by an HOA protect the value of each property in the neighborhood. For example, the rules around landscaping.

If everyone in the neighborhood has to keep their lawn manicured in a professional manner, then selling your home just got easier. And more monetarily beneficial!

Think about it. Curb appeal is a major selling point. So when prospective buyers pull up to your neighborhood, they immediately get a great first impression.

Then, when they pull up to your house, they are more likely to have a great impression of your property. Simply because it is a part of a well-kept area. Thus, you are more likely to get your asking price.

Another Benefit? HOAs Deter Criminal Activity

Homeowners who either cannot or will not commit to HOA rules and regulations typically don’t purchase a home in a neighborhood with an HOA.

So, living in a neighborhood with an HOA helps to ensure that you are living amongst people with similar values.

For instance. If you value a well-manicured lawn, then it’s likely your neighbors do too. Also, if clean vinyl siding is important to you, then chances are everyone in your neighborhood does as well.

And all of these things are enforced by the HOA. If homeowners do not comply, then they face enforced consequences. That includes fines.

Don’t Forget About the Amenities When You Consider the Benefits of an HOA

Pools, discounts on local memberships, both tennis and basketball courts. These are among the many amenities you’ll find in neighborhoods boasting an HOA.

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